Royal Roland

We believe the premium quality and cutting-edge fashion should exist at the same time.

And you deserve that perfect piece from Royal Roland.



Royal Roland is a fashion brand founded in 2018. The founder brings more than thirty years experience in luxury apparel and started this new adventure in North America. Our newly established 5,000 square feet flagship showroom and store in Richmond BC carries more than 1,500 styles for both women’s and men’s luxury wear.

We incorporate love and passion for fashion and design with attention to quality and details. Our products harmonize richness, elegance, and care that give our customers complete confidence in their fashion needs and expressions. Our handcrafted fur coats fully address the uniqueness, sophistication, and elegance. The fur-trimmed parkas go beyond versatile with 3-in-one function, and vibrant colors and patterns are added to the design. Furthermore, we have a diversified collection of leather, cashmere and wool products for every occasion.

We consider extreme importance in material quality and craftsmanship. We strive to bring the best fashion and ultimate satisfaction to our customers.